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appreciation is good karma

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I am in my early 20s. I am a positive thinker and very goal oriented. I was in a very abusive relationship that made me gain alot of stress weight amongst other problems. I used to be a size 2 and have blond hair. I am getting my self back together starting with the weightloss and my blond hair plus all my high maintance stuff. I have been to two other countries than Usa and have lived in a 3rd world country for 1yr. My inspirations are my mother, marilyn monroe, and ana nicole. I believe in doing what makes you happy in life and not letting anyone spoil your fun. I am mostly going to be using this journal as an outlet for my stress and my eating disorder that I have had sense I was 4. Don't assume anything about me if you dont know the facts or the answer please ask. I am looking for livejournal friends to leave comments and to comment as well. So join me on my journey to feeling like myself again and looking like myself again.